Tony Duan

Solutions Architect/Team Lead

Bachelor of Computer Science (NUPT); Master of Information Technology (Monash)

Tony is a Certified Kentico Xperience developer, with a strong mastery of complex integrations.

Tony has a well-honed ability to analyse a client's business goals and challenges, and then translate them into innovative technical solutions. He has led the development on a number of multi-award-winning websites, including Melbourne Airport and Australian Apprenticeship Pathways. He also provides on-site development and consulting services to Crown Limited. He is experienced in Kentico Xperience, Umbraco, DevOps and Microsoft Azure solutions. When he's not building websites, he turns his mind to building Lego. His other interests include reading, listening to folk music, going to the gym, and trying not to kill plants in his garden. 

Quick facts about Tony

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♐ Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac

🐖 Pig

Inspired by

David Bowie, for Starman.

Fun fact

Tony once won a free trip to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. He initially thought it was a scam, so he hung up on the person who rang to tell him the good news!