Andrew Radburnd


Andrew is responsible for the strategy, planning, management and implementation of technical infrastructure for Luminary and our clients.

He started working with Luminary as a Support Technician back in 2004. At the time, half of the staff were called Andrew. Despite a keen interest in computers, he began an accounting degree after finishing high school. He quickly realised bean counting was not for him and found his way back to the world of technology. These days, he spends 90 percent of his time planning the implementation of major sites on cloud infrastructure such as Azure and AWS, and the remaining 10 percent explaining the meaning of 'DevOps'. When he's not busy making sure deployments run smoothly, he can be found playing with his two young daughters and finding new creative ways to annoy his wife (his words).

Quick facts about Andrew

Favorite emoji


Star sign

♐ Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac

🐕 Dog

Inspired by

Elon Musk - He's willing to fail publicly and spectacularly to improve the future.

Fun fact

Andrew once drank a bottle of mint sauce for $20.